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About Us

Message from the Chief Executive

Welcome to Queen’s Mall Online (QMO)!

As Pakistan’s most innovative e-commerce platform, we are dedicated to a cause …. the cause of Women Empowerment!

By capitalizing upon advances made in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) … we are transcending boundaries by creating opportunities for women of every socio-economic or cultural background, location or interest to enhance financial growth, learning, participation and above all … happiness.

QMO is unique in its business approach and impact. Through QMO, we aim to develop a platform where women can grow together with fast, convenient and secure transactions, exchange of skills and knowledge, and sharing of linkages.

Confidence of customers is our biggest asset. Their satisfaction is our prime target. That is why, we are trying to offer the best, most authentic range of consumer products at the most affordable prices that you may not find anywhere else. At QMO, we definitely promote shopping but ensure that each customer saves more through smart market-based services and products.

So go ahead and explore the wealth of joy that we have arranged for you. Just remember, YOU are the QUEEN around here. Hence, only you have the power to make rules.

Long Live the Queen – happy shopping Queens!

Sobia Azhar

Chief Executive

Queen’s Mall Online


‘Queen’s Mall Online’ (QMO) is Pakistan’s first & largest online shopping store, exclusively for women. We are empowering women through economic activities.

Our Mission

To Create a World Where Women Can Enjoy Life with Dignity, Equal Opportunity and Freedom.


Queens Mall Online aims to

a) Empower women through quality market-based services and products;

b) Improved access to income, growth and learning opportunities;

c) Generate knowledge about women’s socio-economic and cultural needs;

d) Enhance participation of disadvantaged women in economic activities by using Information and Communications Technology-based platforms; and

e) Develop knowledge, skills and opportunity sharing mechanisms to improve women’s quality of life.


Retail Portal:
‘Queens Mall Online’ (QMO) is our flagship initiative that is providing the best, most economical, efficient and highly credible shopping experience to women around the world. It is the only online shopping platform in Pakistan that is exclusively looking into varied needs – with a woman’s perspective. There are hundreds of products with unmatched prices backed by our guarantee for quality and reliability. With this unique effort, we are trying to reach out to more women in need of quality day-to-day products and enjoyable shopping experiences. Join us to feel the power within you!

Online Training Courses for Women
QMO is not only about shopping. We are building capacities of women to open more windows of opportunity for them. Right now, we are providing online training in the following areas. These training have brought happiness and confidence to numerous women, now earning a decent living independently.

Here are the training courses.

* Free, 8-week online training course for women on ‘Beauty Care and Beautician’.
* Free, 8-week, online training course for women on ‘Dress Designing, Cutting and Stitching’.
* Free, online training course for women on ‘Kitchen Gardening and Home-based Farming Techniques’.
* Free, online training course on ‘Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Development Strategy for Women’.

Networking Solutions
With this one-stop solution, we are looking at life holistically. That is why we are going a step further to support more women in finding solutions to their most pressing challenges. The support services that we are offering to our valued female customers are making life more meaningful, more easier. Have a look!.

NaQsheen – The Collective
NaQsheen is a global network of socially-motivated business platforms that is empowering marginalized women living in resource poor and challenging conditions. With NaQsheen, we are involving hundreds of skilled women across Pakistan to provide them more income generation and learning opportunities. It is a rapidly increasing networking of village-based community organizations, women’s groups, vocational and technical training centres through which QMO is engaging grassroots women to sell their handicrafts, traditional merchandise and other cultural artefacts with dignity and growth. In fact, we are creating more linkages between home-based workers, local and international markets and buyers around the world to minimize costs, reduce delays, enhance quality and promote ethical practices.

Support Services:

QMO is committed to the cause of women empowerment. Hence we are offering social linkages support to women in need. We intend to enhance access for women to quality advice, information and support mechanisms that are important to lead a fulfilling, enriching life. Here are the services that we offer.

Rishta Point رشتہ پوائنٹ :
QMO is facilitating families to find ideal grooms for their daughters through this free service. Contact us to know more about it.

Job Markaz جاب مرکز
QMO is providing free, career information, jobs announcements and development advice to women in need of work opportunities. Join us and get more information about upcoming jobs and other work opportunities.

Health & Beauty Support:
QMO is offering world-class, beauty care products and highly professional healthcare advice from experts. We are building a network of female doctors, beauticians, health practitioners, and organizations that are providing healthcare support to women. If you are interested in joining this network than contact QMO to learn more.

Education Advice
Thousands of young women in Pakistan are in need of education advice and opportunities. QMO is working to develop platforms where women can get quality education through ICTs. Please contact us to get more information about it.

Entertainment & Leisure – QMO Digest

We understand the multiple-burdens a woman carries all the time. Through QMO, we are putting her at ease by providing a convenient, reliable, cost-effective and above all – safe shopping environment. And when she saves time, we give her more options to relax and enjoy by reading stories, fiction pieces or even health tips at our ‘QMO Digest’. Visit there and grab your couch to have moments that are more relaxing with us!


QMO is working with women across Pakistan and around the world.