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Home » NaQsheen

Join Us to Empower Women through Business Opportunities

کاروباری مواقع اور روابط کے ذریعے پاکستانی خواتین کی خوشحالی کو ممکن بنانے والا ملک گیر نیٹ ورک

Women of Pakistan are capable of producing amazing outputs through their genius of creativity and connection with centuries old traditions.

However, there are thousands of immensely skilled women in every part of the country that are just waiting for years to access opportunities of growth and prosperity. Hundreds had received training through various projects and organizations, but now they lack spaces to perform or use their skills for increased earning.

That is why we have initiated ‘NaQsheen – Women Entrepreneurs Network’ as a response to address the growing economic and social needs of local women in business.

The Network is an endeavor to open up windows of opportunity and growth for women by building their skills first, and then linking them with local and global streams of productivity and trade through e-commerce platforms.

The word ‘NaQsheen’ – means ‘something with carvings over it’ in Persian. The name signifies thousands of years of female artisan-ship, ingenuity, courage, and spirit to improve life through arts and crafts. Human civilization is indebted to women for turning this barren place – into a world full of colors, patterns and thus, beauty.

What is Our Aim?

NaQsheen is establishing a glocal (global+local) network of women-owned and socially responsible business platforms that is empowering marginalized women, living in resource poor and challenging conditions. With NaQsheen, we aim to involve skilled women across Pakistan to provide more learning, income generation and development opportunities. It is a rapidly increasing network of village-based community organizations, women’s groups, vocational and technical training centres through which QMO is engaging rural women to sell their handicrafts, traditional merchandise and other cultural artifacts with dignity and chances of growth.

NaQsheen is specifically targeting poverty among women. It aims to eradicate poverty and improve quality of life of marginalized women by increasing their incomes, generated through locally produced products in a participatory, integrated and environmentally friendly manner.


  • Enhance linkages among women entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to share knowledge, skills and resources
  • Develop and strengthen networks of organizations and experts for greater support, effectiveness and sustainability of collective platforms
  • Provide growth opportunities to women entrepreneurs through mentoring, training workshops, exchange of ideas and networking events
  • Generate innovative and localized solutions to challenges for women entrepreneurs through research, advocacy and mobilization
  • Develop new leaders and highlight their achievements for inspiration to youth
  • Provide data and insights to inform women entrepreneurship friendly policy-making


‘NaQsheen – Women Entrepreneurs Network’ is a women-based network of entrepreneurs.

All women in Pakistan who are engaged in any form of business; or earning their livelihood from trade-related activity are eligible to become member of this network.

There are no conditions of age, education, geographic location or income.

Women NGOs, Local Support Organizations (LSOs), Community-based Organizations (CBOs), Savings Groups, Vocational Training Centres, Trade Associations of Women, and Professional Associations of Women (Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Lawyers, Marketing Specialists etc) can also join the Network.

Benefits of Membership

apply nowThe Network is offering multiple opportunities of business growth, learning and linkages to its members. Here is a glimpse of what this Network is offering to the members.

  • Training & Capacity Building: Members are eligible to participate in free or subsidized training programs to be organized all over the country on different topics. The topics include business planning and development, marketing and promotions, quality control and profitability, registration and legal/financial compliance etc. There will be courses on professional skills development like beautician, dress designing, IT & computer skills, kitchen gardening, boutiques etc. As member of the network, you can communicate your training needs to the network leadership, in order to address them on priority. We will also facilitate the members to learn new concepts and skills by introducing contemporary designs and materials.
  • Feasibility Reports: Members of the network will get support in developing their own feasibility reports for various sectors. This may include feasibility reports for establishment of Day Care Center, High School, Montessori School, Internet Café, Private Hospital, Medical Transcription, Boutique, Flower Shop, Wooden Furniture Workshop, Beauty Clinic, and many other businesses.
  • Linkages with Business Organizations: The Network will organize groups of women entrepreneurs all over the country and develop their linkages with local chambers of commerce, trade bodies, business facilitation groups and other relevant entities. Through this, the Network will facilitate information sharing about new business opportunities, exchange of ideas and skills, and devise strategies to address issues that are affecting the business potential of women entrepreneurs in the area.
  • Promotion of Emerging Women Entrepreneurs: Through this Network, the members will receive greater media and other visibility. The Network will develop case studies, success stories and other motivational materials to be shared with large audiences via mainstream media or other means. The Network will develop a cadre of bright women business leaders who will be equipped with skills and knowledge to represent the Network at local and international forums.
  • Participation in Exhibitions: Members of the network will be invited to participate in various national and international exhibitions where they would display their products and develop linkages with other business organizations.
  • Facilitation in Business Marketing: The Network will provide information and advice to its members, in order to develop their marketing plans, export-related documents, branding, packaging and labeling, development of product/services brochure, social media pages and website. Members will also get legal and administrative support for registration of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights.
  • Business Planning: The Network intends to offer specialized services to its members for development of customized and need-based business plans.
  • Support for Funding of New Businesses: The Network will explore opportunities to provide funding/financing to its members having adequate work experience or elaborate plans. This may include linkages development with banks, public sector organizations, international donors and other corporate entities.
  • Linkages with Academia: The Network will seek to establish linkages with academic and research organizations to enhance knowledge about issues related to women entrepreneurship. By developing working partnership with such institutions, the Network will create opportunities to offer internships to young women entrepreneurs. It will also help in organizing exposure visits for groups of women entrepreneurs. The Network will organize seminars, lectures and exhibitions in women colleges/universities to motivate young women for entrepreneurial careers.
  • Free Access to Cyber Market for Glocal Sales: We are offering local women a cyber-marketplace to display products and sell directly to buyers around the world. By doing this, we are creating greater linkages between home-based workers, local and international markets and buyers to ensure economic gains for local women, minimize production costs, enhance efficiency and quality, and promote ethical practices.