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Hi-Tar Anti-Acne Soap (چہرے کے سخت ترین اور پرانے دانوں کے لیے بہترین صابن)

Hi-Tar Anti-Acne Soap (چہرے کے سخت ترین اور پرانے دانوں کے لیے بہترین صابن)

availability:In stock


Quick Overview

Product Category:

Anti Pruritic, Anti Itching

Product Actions:

Relief of Scaly conditions of Skin & Scalp

Indications or useful in cases of:

For the treatment of all scaly skin disorders.

Important Features:

♦ Well balanced product formulated by incorporating coal tar, vegetable tar and essential oils.

♦ Effictive in all scaly and seborrhoeic skin condition.

♦ Provides keratolytic, antipururitic and antimitotic actions.

♦ An effective multi tar therapy for all scaly skin conditions.

Applying Frequency:

wash affected areas, two to three times a day

Product Presentation:

Available in 75 gm Bar


Rs. 200.00

Please click the checkout button for online purchase of this product. To order via WhatsApp, please message us on +92(0)3155085253 or email your order to [email protected]

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